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As a resident at Freudenau, you have a keen interest in sustainability and other social issues and you are actively involved in them. Living here therefore not only fulfills physical and psychological needs, but can also be a step towards more self-realisation.


The site provides ideal conditions for this, which everyone can help to shape. This makes Freudenau an exceptional and joyful place to live, work and play.

Download our Informationsheet for the cooperative, our Vision Statement and our Bylaws, and become a member through the following signup form:

Regenerative living

The mixed-use concept creates many inspiring opportunities for encounters, leisure and other activities on the property. The communal form of living makes everyday life much easier by sharing tasks and conserving resources. Less space is required per resident, but at the same time there are more opportunities for development thanks to the shared spaces. Also, not everyone has to own everything, as many objects of everyday use and household appliances can be shared.  


 Thanks to a wide variety of projects, a vibrant ecosystem is emerging in Lichtensteig, which will make the town an attractive place to live in the coming years. Nestled in the natural surroundings of Toggenburg, with the mountains on its doorstep you are within easy reach of St. Gallen and Zurich by public transport.


Incidentally, the term 'Freudenau' is a historical land name meaning: 'here the people lived in a joyful location next to the Thur (this is the river right in front of the property)'. So we thought that this is a fitting name for us.


Become part of the cooperative

We invite all interested parties to become part of the new cooperative. This is possible in the following ways:

  • Residents (tenants): Interested residents can join the project at an early stage. As an initial resident, you have the opportunity to individualise the flats. Around 25-30 flats will be built in various sizes and configurations (e.g. 1.5 - 6.5 rooms, some of them for retirement living).

  • Cooperative member: Without being a resident, you can become a member and participate in the cooperative by purchasing a share. Click here for the form

  • We offer like-minded private individuals or organisations the opportunity to support a good project with deposits in our loan fund, making it a sensible alternative to a traditional savings account. For further information, please contact us. 

Find more information in our documents here (to download, only available in german):




Project Management & Content



Overall Project Lead & Architecture


Marketing & Communication


Community Building & Culture



Site Management

We are committed to the charter for non-profit housing construction and support the fundamental cooperative values. Our efforts to break new ground in the field of sustainable housing construction are supported by the Swiss Federal Department of the Environment, Transport, Energy and Communications (UVEK) as part of the Sustainable Development Promotion Programme ARE.

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