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Probably the greatest task of our time is the systemic change towards a  society that has the future of the coming generations in mind. In view of the complexity of the global challenges, we are experimenting and testing this change on a small scale.


We are creating a place where civil society creates a prototype that is as regenerative as possible and that strives to be a socio-political and economic-ecological role model.


This model is based on the four value pillars: regeneration, can-do spirit, innovation and collaboration.


Additional values that we want to live by are: responsibility, honesty, trust, tolerance, charity and joie de vivre.

Become part of the cooperative

The Freudenau cooperative is a participatory and self-organised structure where innovative approaches for sustainable living can emerge. Driven by human and digital transformation, social innovation and a regenerative way of life, a platform for interaction and exchange is being created in order to encourage imitation. Cultural and educational programmes serve as bridge builders, highlighting opportunities for sustainable structural change and driving an inspiring narrative for the future.


The cooperative is part of the larger vision of the 'zukunft.bahnhof' placemaking development, which was initiated by the foundation of the same name. It is possible that the idea will expand from our site to the entire area around the train station, or that it will be replicated in other locations. This will be the task of an internal advisory service that is currently being developed.



For us, 'regeneration' is an urgently needed addition to the traditional understanding of sustainability, which does not seem to be able to solve the climate crisis. Being and acting regeneratively is characterised by a systemic and holistic worldview that places people, nature and consciousness at the centre and advocates a decisive system change.

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