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The newly founded cooperative took over the land from the foundation zukunft.bahnhof and will now act as operator and developer. The date for the building permit should be foreseeable in spring 2024. We hope to be able to start construction work in 2025 and that the first residents should be able to move in by 2027.

The project was developed by Katrin Grünig and Martin Hohn on behalf of the foundation zukunft.bahnhof and is now being operated by  the Freudenau cooperative. The other team members are Astrid Dörig, Pascal Hüppi and Christian Grünig.


In a participatory workshop process, three architectural teams have developed proposals for the design of the site. These were presented to the public in November 2023. The foundation has now commissioned the teams from Futura Frosch and JOM Architekten to develop the next phases.

Roadmap_Genossenschaft-2 copy.png

Feedback & Support

In the spirit of our participatory project design, we welcome any support and feedback. If you are interested in becoming a member of the cooperative or becoming a future resident, you can find out more here.


As a non-profit project, we are depending on additional financial resources. If you would like to give us a loan at favourable interest rates, you can find more information here.

Organisations or individuals who are interested in our core core-topics or would like to enter into a partnership can contact us directly by email


We will continue to report here on the architectural planning progress and as soon as the first designs are available, we will publish them here and in the newsletter.


Lichtensteig Pioneers

Last year, the first 'Summer of Pioneers' in Switzerland took place in Lichtensteig. Now a follow-up project called 'Lichtensteig Pioneers' has emerged.

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